Summer to Autumn? – Weekly Meal Plan – August 17th, 2020

I don’t know about you but the weeks are flying by here. I have some much needed time off work next week and cannot wait! The best part is that Steven is off too, meaning we can have some quality family time. We’ll get lots done on the smallholding, have some lovely days out and hopefully get some chillout time too. I know one thing I need to do if I haven’t by then is get organised with the freezers, they appear to be full but I know with a little time spent organising them, there will be plenty of space.

I don’t know what you think but it has felt quite Autumnal here after the crazy heat we have been having, I noticed lots of leaves on the garden when I went over to check on the animals yesterday.

Autumn leaves already? Surely not.

As always here, my meal plan for the coming week is written out on the whiteboard. I didn’t get to make banana bread in the slow cooker last week, we just didn’t have the need for it, so I’ll roll that over to this week. If I have too many bananas left over and going squishy, I’ll freeze them. Did you know you can freeze bananas? Perfect for cooking with and making smoothies.

I’ve made a couple of notes in brackets below. I was asked about vegetarian options over in the Facebook group so I will start to think how meals can be adapted when I go through this process each week. Right now, there is meat on the menu every day however stir fry can be meat-free and wraps can be replaced with different egg or cheese options. Friday’s pie could be cheese and onion (yum!) .

I’m also making quiche which can be any filling, but I have a basic recipe that I use as the base and add any filling to. I’ll share this week.

Monday: Chicken stir fry (using chicken breasts from freezer)

Tuesday: Cottage pie, garden cabbage & cauliflower (make one, freeze one)

Wednesday: Roast chicken wraps, salad & homemade coleslaw (whole bird, keep left overs for pie on Friday and make stock from meat)

Thursday: Slow cooked beef stew, mash and peas

Friday: (left over) chicken pie with whatever veg needs using (use different veg to Thursday’s)

Saturday: Lasagne, salad and (homemade?) garlic bread (make one/freeze one)

Sunday: Grilled pork chops, roasties (slow cooker) and sautéed kale/red pepper

Breakfasts: Porridge, dippy eggs, smoothies, oaty pancakes, cereal, toast, omelette.

Lunch ideas: SOTW, homemade quiche, salad, scrambled eggs/tinned beans & sausage on toast, savoury croissants (ham and cheese etc), tuna & sweetcorn quesadillas.

SOTW (soup of the week): Butternut squash & sweet potato

Snacks: Fruit, hummus and peppers, hard boiled eggs, slow cooker rice pudding, slow cooker banana bread, flapjacks, Aldi treats.

I’ll post recipes and photos of how things turned out as I make the items, to allow me to post photos too.

I hope this gives you some inspiration and I’d love to hear what meals you are thinking of making this week. In time my meal plans will also include costs where possible.

If you are interested in seeing what we grow here on the smallholding, feel free to join in the fun on our Instagram or Facebook smallholding pages. We also dabble in YouTube which is rather amusing! Not the content, just that we don’t know what we are doing with it yet!

Happy new week everyone, Tracy x


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