September’s almost over – Weekly Meal Plan – September 28th, 2020

Well the children are well and truly back to school (how long for is anyone’s guess) and we have taken the time we need to get going again. I have been meal planning even though I haven’t had them on here, but you can find them in my Facebook group if you’d like to join. I’d love to have you there.

We have had a busy old weekend here on the smallholding and I have been so grateful to have food in the freezer as I have relied on it today at least! I have felt like I am coming down with something so earlier today I went foraging for elderberries to make a winter tonic to ward off the sniffles. I don’t think it will qualify as a vaccine though 😉

I have actually written a meal plan for 31 days and went to Aldi on Saturday (yesterday) to get 80/90% of what we will need for the month and it came to £138. I’ve a post coming on it shortly.

Monday: Beef and butter bean stew with mash and green beans

Tuesday: Freezer surprise (what will be will be! Close your eyes and get something out)

Wednesday: Soup and pudding night (see below)

Thursday: Beef and prune stew, roasted sweet potatoes and peas

Friday: Home made pizza

Saturday: Lasagne, chips and salad

Sunday: Corned beef and potato pie served with lots of veg

SOTW (soup of the week): Cheesy broccoli

***New*** Pudding of the week: Seasonal apple and bramble crumble

Snacks: Fruit, peppers, hard boiled eggs, chocolate cake

If you are interested in seeing what we grow here on the smallholding, feel free to join in the fun on our Instagram or Facebook smallholding pages. We also dabble in YouTube which is rather amusing! Not the content, just that we don’t know what we are doing with it yet!

Happy new week everyone, Tracy x


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