Cosy days – Weekly Meal Plan – October 5th

I’m getting a little bit obsessed with meal plans and what other people are doing with theirs. I’m even watching YouTube videos showing what people ate in a week for ideas and inspiration. This is all building up to our 2021 challenge of spending as little as possible on groceries and other expenses to allow us to overpay the mortgage. It’s really exciting for me (please don’t roll your eyes 😉 ). We’ve been saving hard through 2020 to have a pot of money to call on for necessities, as we still have projects on the smallholding which feed in to longer term savings. I’ll post those over on Our Smallholding Adventure blog that we run. Do join us there if you haven’t already, we would love your company.

I’ve enjoyed making apple sauce from our own cooking apples in the slow cooker. It’s lovely to be able to put them in and walk away. I’ve dusted these with sugar and lemon juice and put them on for a couple of hours on low. The result is lovely and freezes very well. I tried some warmed with cold Greek Yoghurt and it was delish. Maybe served over porridge, rice pudding or as a side to our home reared pork….yum!

Here’s the meal plan I have put together for this coming week.

Monday:  Instant Pot honey and mustard chicken thighs, brown rice and green vegetables

Tuesday:  Taco bar with salad and extra rice left over from Monday.

Wednesday:  Rich beef and prunes casserole

Thursday:  Roast chicken, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

Friday: Fajitas – chicken

Saturday:  LO chicken and vegetable pie, mash and vegetable garden veg

Sunday:  Home reared roast pork, garden vegetables and Yorkshire puddings

Breakfasts:  Oat based (porridge, pancakes, cold oats), egg based (dippy, scrambled or omelette) or cereal

SOTW: Harvest Gold soup, Thick Pea and Ham

Snacks:  Flapjacks, hard boiled eggs

Please do let me know if you try any of these recipes or meal ideas, or if you would like to know more on how I manage my meals and planning.

If you are interested in seeing what we grow here on the smallholding, feel free to join in the fun on our Instagram or Facebook smallholding pages. We also dabble in YouTube which is rather amusing! Not the content, just that we don’t know what we are doing with it yet!

Happy new week everyone, Tracy x


2 thoughts on “Cosy days – Weekly Meal Plan – October 5th

    1. Tracy Chadfield Post author

      Haha they are tinned prunes in their own juice and due to simmering for a long time break down well, meaning I can hide them! So good for you though! We are having our first sausages on Saturday and I can’t wait!!! Really excited x



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